A Cost-Effective Way to Streamline Record Management Processes for Schools

Posted by YellowFolder on Feb 10, 2019, 3:46:00 PM
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Electronic document management is the best way to enhance your school’s record management processes. Adopting one will save your school money and allow staff to be more efficient and productive. There are many reasons to go the electronic route.

Here are 5 of the primary benefits of a record management process for schools:

1. Become Paperless

Converting  paper documents into electronic documents will free your school of paper filing. The benefits are numerous: you gain  space, time, sanity and saving money. You won't have to shuffle files around, you will have more desk space to work, and you will be able to look up files instantly. Your school will save a ton of money given  you won’t need to purchase as many office supplies.

2. Minimize Workloads

Having instant access to electronic files allows for faster response times. No more putting anyone on hold while you sift through mountains of papers to find what you need. With this system, you can search your file and view it in seconds. Faster response times make your school and district look good, showing you are organized and care about your job. The amount of time you are gaining by becoming free from the tedious and time-consuming tasks will allow you to be more productive in other areas.

3. Document Sharing

Sharing documents is so much easier with electronic document systems. You can instantly share files with others, edit documents, and receive documents digitally. You can share documents with your staff as well as other schools.

4. Establish Record Retention

Law requires workplaces to hold on to records for specific periods of time. With electronic document storage, you no longer have to worry about remembering to purge or archive files. Keeping up with compliance just became that much easier because the system does the work for you. Some school use outsourcing companies to store their documents and adding another expense to their budget. With electronic document management, it is included in your price, and the system does the work.

5. Staff Training

Properly training your staff on how to use these systems is beneficial.   Training is also included with your electronic document management system. This  saves time and money for your school. Your staff will get the most out of these systems after taking advantage of training to learn new, more efficient processes. .

To cut costs and improve staff productivity, an electronic document management system is your best option.

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