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Posted by YellowFolder on May 15, 2018 12:00:00 PM
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What is document management software and why is it so important in the education industry?

To put it in the simplest terms, document management software is basically a locked, online filing cabinet. You can replace your old, rusty filing cabinets with a virtual one that doesn’t take up any physical space. If that doesn’t have you sold, the fact the software tracks, organizes and secures your documents might.


The Importance of Proper Document Storage

Documents should be properly stored because it affects your job workflow. If documents cannot be located in a timely manner, then the search for information takes time that could be better spent on other tasks.

This affects students, too.  If a former student needs records located and those records are missing, then that student must hold off sending those records to their prospective college.

Beyond the day-to-day practical needs of proper document storage, safely storing student records is required by law. Only authorized individuals should have access to student information, and that information must be stored for specific time periods.

Online Document Storage Offers Better Protection

With a physical filing cabinet, once you place your documents inside and walk away, you are leaving those documents vulnerable. There is little security in place to prevent an unauthorized individual from walking in and removing files from the file cabinets.

Not to mention, human error or distraction can lead to leaving a physical student file on a desk where anyone could pick it up and take a look. With a virtual filing cabinet and document management solution like YellowFolder, you have around-the-clock security, access control, and a live audit trail of all activity in any given document.

Document Management Software Keeps You Organized

Tired of digging through endless files to search for documents? Document Management Software, including YellowFolder, keeps track of your files and allows you to easily search and retrieve those documents. Another benefit of this software is you will no longer have to worry about misplaced or damaged files.

Electronic Documents Save You Money and Space

Another benefit of Document Management Software is the reduction of office supply expenses. You will spend less on items such as paper, folders, white out, and printer ink. You can save time recovering files if you cannot retrieve important records due to loss or damage.

With e-files, you will  save on storage costs and any travel or time associated with physical storage. Instead of buying more file cabinets to store student records, you store it all in the cloud. Your digital records will be easily accessible to authorized individuals from any computer with internet access.

Protection in the Event of an Emergency

If your files are automatically being backed up, you do not have to worry. Power surges, computer viruses and fires can happen quickly and with no warning signs, but if you have access virtually to your records you can retrieve these files from any other device  in any location. In the event your workplace is damaged or destroyed, you can work remotely with all your files conveniently in one place.

Types of Documents You Can Store and Who Can View Them

You can store any type on documents in your document management software that you would store in a filing cabinet. Personal records such as financial information, transcripts, and medical records are all safely stored and are protected from prying eyes.

Not everyone who has access to this software will have access to this information, because you can control viewing. Other stored documents include bus information, attendance, report cards and other student files. Everything is in one location to make it easier to find and view.

How is Document Management Software Enhancing Education?

Document management software has made it possible to learn outside the classroom, too. Students who are out of school for long periods of time due to illness or injury can still get a great education from the comfort of their home. No longer does a parent, sibling or friend have to be the go-between to bring home and submit assignments. This type of software is only enhancing the world of education.

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