Paperless Nation Engineers: Making Districts Happier Across the Country

Posted by YellowFolder on Apr 5, 2019 3:16:09 PM
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If you’re thinking about going paperless, you might be considering using YellowFolder as your electronic record management system. To help make the transition to paperless filing as smooth as possible, our Paperless Nation Engineers guide you through the process step-by-step.

But who, exactly, are the Paperless Nation Engineers?

Paving the Way for a Paperless Nation

More commonly referred to as the PNE Team, the Paperless Nation Engineers are a group of educators whose lives were changed by paperless filing. So enthusiastic about what paperless filing could mean for educators across the country, this team dedicated themselves to a mission of helping entire districts become more efficient, cost-effective, and less stressed.

While not engineers in the traditional sense, the engineer title describes the essential function of the team. The PNE Team focuses on establishing or “engineering” individualized processes necessary to assist districts to seamlessly transition from paper to paperless filing while also providing comprehensive training for users of the YellowFolder platform.

The PNE Team’s duties extend to the entire implementation process to ensure your district is given the support, training, and consultation regarding best practices for going paperless.

They’ve Walked In Educators’ Shoes

Paperless Nation Engineers become members of the PNE Team because they have experience as educators and realize the impact of going paperless and implementing a records management system that makes life easier... They remember how attached they were, to traditional filing processes, only to find their lives completely transformed by paperless filing.

Coming from an education background brings value to customers for multiple reasons, not the least of which is understanding what a day is like in the shoes of a Registrar, Campus Secretary, Teacher, a Special Education Director, or an HR Director. They’ve felt the pain of having to document, by hand, every time they touch or manually move a paper file. They’ve seen the rooms filled with boxes of old paper files, taking up valuable space for students, and lived the nightmare of meeting record retention guidelines from the state.

They know what you and other educators are going through, which is why they’re in the best position to help.

A Moment of Joy - When the Light Turns On

As the PNE Team works with schools, they’ve seen the gamut of responses to a transition to paperless filing. Some districts enthusiastically testing new technologies, are fired up about the switch to electronic record management. Some schools, though, are more skeptical and hesitant about wholesale changes to their processes.

For the PNEs, there are few things more satisfying than someone who started the paperless filing process as a skeptic and left as a champion of electronic record management. These moments are common, because hey, change is hard!

For those that stick with the program and embrace the support of the PNE team, there comes a moment when the light turns on — that they suddenly realize how much their life at work has changed for the better. This is the goal and the joy of the PNEs.

Always There to Support

All YellowFolder customers are assigned PNEs to help with software training, and individuals working in different teams, be it special education or HR, can set up processes best suited for them. What people love about the PNEs is having someone to lean on who can not only relate to their situation, but also readily available to answer their questions.

When you call a PNE, you’re not receiving generic customer support from a software-as-a-service company; you’re getting help from someone like you.

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