The YellowFolder Approach to Record Management

Posted by YellowFolder on Nov 1, 2018 12:00:00 PM
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K-12 education requires a lot of work and even more paper. Traditionally, the role of completing and filing paperwork falls on administration and administration assistants, whose time could be more efficiently used in other areas. We want to change that.

How does it work?

YellowFolder helps guide users from the initial digitization process and offers training and support throughout the districts utilization of their services.

Digitization Steps

  1. Collection - The scanning company will coordinate with a reliable logistics company for safe and private transportation of your documents to the scanning facility.

  2. Preparation - Preparation for scanning is done at the scanning facility and typically includes the removal of paper clips, staples, sticky notes, and other materials that may interfere with the scanning process.

  3. Scanning - Once prepped, the scanning company will utilize their specialized equipment to digitize the records.

  4. Digital Storage - The scanned files will now be transferred and stored electronically, typically on discs or disc drives.

  5. Delivery – The scanning company will once again utilize a logistics partner to deliver the newly stored files to the district for use or storage.

  6. Repeat - The first five steps will need to be repeated when the need for documents to be digitized arises, typically every school year.

This six-step process assures files are properly transferred and stored, but leaves storage and maintenance up to the district. This also leaves the user needing to digitize future files.

The YellowFolder approach includes these steps with the added bonus of storage and maintenance, plus continued support and training with the ultimate goal of a completely paper-free solution to record and file management.

Advantages Over Traditional Storage

Traditional record management and document storage typically relies on administrators and administrative assistants filing mounds of paper (the typical student requires about 75 pages during initial registration) in unsecure and other scattered cabinets. YellowFolder Changes that.


With YellowFolder, you are guaranteed that your files are securely stored and protected from malicious actors, such as disgruntled employees, and from natural disasters. In fact, your files are uploaded and stored on drives scattered throughout the country to prevent unwanted and unforeseen issues. To top it off, YellowFolder K-12 record management complies with all state and local security and record retention laws.

Cost Saving

Digital K-12 record and file storage saves money by allowing administration to focus on their duties and not use “man-hours” for filing and searching and by rendering off-site file storage useless.

Environmentally Friendly

During the initial registration period, about 75 pages, or ¾ of a pound, of paper are used per student. With digital storage and maintenance, your district will reduce costs related to consumables and lower their carbon footprint, which is something to brag about.


YellowFolder’s comprehensive record management offers an all-in-one solution to storage and record management, including student and staff paperwork. With digital K-12 record management, files are easily searchable and viewable, saving employees hours of sifting through documents.

YellowFolder eliminates the need for paper record keeping, freeing time and resources that will benefit your district. Not only will YellowFolder assist with the digitization of your records, they will continuously work with your district to maintain a paperless documentation process.

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