What Going Paperless Truly is and What That Means for Document Management in Education

Posted by YellowFolder on Nov 15, 2018, 12:00:00 PM
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Paperless means ridding your school of physical files and converting them into electronic form.

You cannot go paperless if you are scanning a file into your computer system, but also keeping hard copies in filing cabinets or storage areas.

3 Steps to Becoming Truly Paperless

  1. Going paperless can seem like a long, grueling process, but YellowFolder  offers assistance to guide you through all the steps. Through YellowFolder, you can keep all your documents in one safe, secure location. You can feel confident that your records are safe from unwanted disasters such as flooding or fires.

    To be truly paperless, you must eliminate the use of paper products. One method  is converting physical files to a digital storage service.

  2. Another way to become paperless is by reducing paper products, such as notebooks and textbooks, and replacing them with laptops, tablets, or netbooks. With these devices, you can share files with each student and staff member, cutting out trips to the printer. Students can also take notes using their devices and reduce the need for notebooks and loose-leaf paper. The money schools will save by eliminating the need for paper products, printer ink, maintenance, and textbooks will more than cover the costs of supplying these devices for each student.

  3. Scanning, emailing and faxing are more ways to become paperless. Rather than printing out hundreds of copies of documents to send home, parents can scan your hard copy, keep it on file, and email it out it when needed.

    This not only reduces paper usage, but it saves parents from receiving a paper that is crumpled and destroyed from their child’s backpack — or even worse, not receiving it at all.

What Going Paperless Means for Document Management

Document management will become a lot simpler as there will be no more searching for misplaced files and replacing destroyed documents. Not  only will you save physical space, you will save time with instant access to data. Staff productivity will as the organization of the storage system frees time   for other tasks. Communication with parents will be more direct instead of through the student.

Going truly paperless may sound intimidating, but it doesn't have to be.

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