Will a Scanning Service Meet Your School’s Needs?

Posted by YellowFolder on Jan 2, 2019, 12:00:00 PM
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Anyone who works in a school, at any level, knows the tremendous amount of paper used on a daily basis. Ream after ream goes through the printers for student records, waivers, and annual forms. Over the course of a school year, these add up. An average sized single school district can easily go through over a million sheets of paper in just one year. Now, consider not only the cost of paper and ink, but also printer maintenance, storage, and employees who have to manage it all.

Sounds staggering? It is. Fortunately, technology of the 21st century has given us better ways to store and collect documents. Think a scanning service can meet your school’s needs? Read on:

What Is A Scanning Service?

A scanning service is a company who offers short or long-term solutions by providing a variety of services for the school district. They will transition your physical documents to a digital format, making them easier to store and maintain. Typically, they will transport your physical records to their facility for scanning, including prepping the documents (removing staples, paperclips, etc.). The files are then scanned and delivered to the school district. Unfortunately, the school district is responsible for organizing and digitally storing the scanned documents. This can be a very time-consuming and money-consuming process that the school may need to contract another 3rd party service to organize everything. Although a scanning service may be nice for some, wouldn’t it be nice to never have the paper documents in the first place?

Who Is A Good Candidate For Using A Scanning Service?

While a scanning service dramatically helps cut back on paper document storage, it isn’t the perfect solution for everyone. Some districts may benefit from a scanning service more than others. Typically, a scanning service is best for a smaller district who has less volume of physical documents coming in each year. They would likely not need to hire additional staff and would be able to set up a simple file management system with low-cost. It would help cut back on physical storage space needed for documents as well as this is often a problem in smaller districts.

How YellowFolder Can Help

YellowFolder is the most convenient way to manage your school district’s files before they ever turn into a paper document. The revolutionary system offers a fully secure electronic record management system that files documents automatically. Working with YellowFolder means that your district is assigned a Paperless Nation Engineer who will set up your system, provide staff training, and set up user permissions. They will continue to monitor your system and the unlimited support team will be able to answer any questions as you make your way into being a paperless school district. The YellowFolder system allows your district to collect, store, and manage your digital files easily from the cloud. This means they are always accessible and always safe. Also important, YellowFolder is fully compliant with government regulations including how long to keep documents and confidentiality required when handling student information. For a truly paper free digital document management system, YellowFolder easily surpasses a traditional scanning service and has no comparison to physical paper filing.

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